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About ~ Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw

The Nidan Blessed by Panchtatwa established in 2005 is the brainchild of Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw and famous as The Nidan. An renowned Astrologer and Vastu Expert with a doctorate in Combined Astrology and Vastu Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw, with clients from all over the world, ensures synchronicity between astrological norms, vastu shastra and auspicious time to create a space for personal growth and success.

Vedic Astrology with Vastu are great tools to predict future events with remedial solutions and vastu can help anyone’s live a fulfilling life with peace and harmony. Besides using this ancient science for prediction, Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw also suggests the best possible way to overcome any tough time, or the solutions of the particular problems.

His interest in the physical and mental realm, with a desire to help other people, led him to research and obtain various degrees in fields connected with them.

Apart from Astrology and Vastu, Acharya Ji has many expertise like:

·    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

·    Reiki Grand Master

·    NLP Coach and Trainer

·    Meditation Coach

After securing these foundational practices, Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw merged his knowledge in different areas to formulate his very own Five Dimensional Approach Therapy which is famous as FDA Therapy, It responds to physical body, energy body, environmental body, planetary body, and cosmic body. 

The FDA Therapy is unique and recognised because it can work at an individual, group and corporate level, enabling many people to be healed at the same time. Based on five variables that include Astro, Vastu, Reiki, Hypnosis and mindfulness Meditation, the FDA therapy can treat family issues, personality disorders, psychosomatic issues, substance abuse and other problems. The studies under FDA Therapy have been recognised by the Psychology Department of Delhi University, to help people cure mental and physical illnesses.

This expertise has come from continual practice stretching back to 2 decades and was mediated through careful reading of ancient scriptures coupled with the practice of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (or 112 methods of meditation).

Aim of Acharya ji ~ “Apki samasyaa ka samadhan The Nidan”

A strong believer in Guru Shishya parampara, Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw continues to nurture talent in this field through The Nidan Institute of Vedic Sciences , a institute where students practice and learn Astrology, Vastu, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression, Reiki, and Meditation.

Here are some of his certifications in different fields-

  • Acharya Dr Vivek Panchatw has a PHD in Combined Astro-Vastu studies, which includes Jyotish Alankar, Visharad, Jyotish Kovid, Medical Astrology, Vedic and Parashar Jyotish, Prashna Shastra and Research in Advance Jyotish.
  •  As Vastu Expert, He is expert in his unique style of vastu that is Income Expendeture Analysis where income will increase and expenditure will go down.
  • Certified Coach and Trainer in All levels of Clinical Hypnotherapy. As a coach and trainer he helps people to gain control over behaviours they would like to change.
  • Grandmaster in Reiki, usually done for illnesses, but Acharyaji does it for people to help for day-to-day life activities like anxiety.
  • Certification from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra for Practising and Teaching Meditation in over 112 ways (8000 hrs) and specialised in Tantra. 
  • He is an NLP - trainer and coach. It is helpful in making communication stronger and creates a positive impact on professional life.
  • An author of a book “Aatm Eiksha Life in glimpse” based on self experience of meditation 

 Listed below are some of the awards he has been conferred upon-

  • Awarded the Economic Times Inspiring Leaders Awards 2022 -23 for Best Astrologer and Vastu Expert (North)
  • Received the International Business Award 22 -23 for best Astrologer and Vastu Expert
  • Recipient of the National Teachers Award in 2019 by the Government of India.

  Featured in Zee News, CNBC Awaaz, Zee News UK, Disha TV, Total TV, Capital1 TV, and many more.

  • After being an author many articles are published on various respective fields of print media. 
  • Clients all over the world - Asia - Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Middle east - Abu Dhabi, Duba,i US, Canada, UK.

Currently Tathavastu show is live on HarKhabar TV channel with Acharya ji and other prestigious guests in 20 episodes.


Astro and Vastu Expert

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Nidan Vastu Consultation (Only Offline)
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Acharya Dr Vivek Panchtatw, an Astro-Vastu expert, brings 18 years of professional experience to guide you through personal, family and professional issues. Awarded by Economic Times for his contribution to this field through his personal consultation and for his educational endeavour, The Nidan. He is well versed in various fields and combines his overarching knowledge to provide impactful remedies. AIM “Apki samasyaa ka samadhan The Nidan"

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